Girls from 4 continents, including representatives of Japan, Korea, Jamaica, Namibia, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Europe, and the Balkans, will fight for the prestigious crown

New York model, fashion blogger, and actress Mila God will arrive specially in Sofia to join the jury of Lady Universe 2018

Girls from 18 to 28 years old, from all over the world, will bring their exotic countries to Sofia from October 15th to October 19th. Traditionally, for the third consecutive year, they will stay in the glamorous Marinella Hotel and enjoy the pleasures it offers.

15.10 crown contenders will go to the ancient capital of Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo, where they will immerse themselves in the history and culture of the country, the traditional cuisine and the hospitality of the Bulgarians. During the day, the beauties from all over the world will meet the mayor of the city, Mr. Daniel Panov, and will stay in the fully renovated luxury Interhotel Veliko Tarnovo, which will host the first round of the Lady Universe 2018 competition, namely the Evening of the Talents. Each of the contenders will be able to impress guests and the jury with their talents and talents.

On 17.10 rested and loaded with energy and emotions, again in Sofia, will be held the second round of the competition – Evening of the Nations. Each participant will present the culture of his country, dressed in a traditional costume from his homeland. Along with the theme of the evening, the organizers chose the sophisticated atmosphere of Bulgar Restaurant, Hotel Marinela.

18.10 will be dedicated to meetings with the media. National directors from participating countries, Lady Universe licensee Tsveti Razlozhka and contenders for the prestigious world title will meet native media and bloggers at a specially organized lunch.

The glamorous gala final of the Lady Universe 2018 competition will be held on Friday, October 19, in the pearl of the Sofia Club MEGAMI Night at the Marinella Hotel. A swimsuit tour, formal dresses and many surprises from the organizers await guests at the contest.

As an organizer and main media partner, Code Fashion TV will broadcast the entire Lady Universe 2018 competition and will show viewers the most interesting of the red carpet, interviews with crown contenders, organizers and VIP guests.

Who will be the new Lady Universe 2018? We will find out at 19.10, Friday at 19:00 at Club MEGAMI Hotel Marinella.

Here is the program of the competition:

30 beauties from all over the world come at Hotel Marinela. Sofia Host of Lady Universe 2018:
13.10.2018 – 10.00 pm Welcome party in Sasa
15.10.2018 – 08.00 pm Evening of the talents at Interhotel Veliko Tarnovo and a show of Bulgarian fashion brands
17.10.2018 – 08.00 pm Evening of the Nights Bulgaria Hotel Marinella Hotel and a party with participants, media and guests
19.10.2018 -07.30 pm- Gala evening award Lady Uninverse 2018 at Club MEGAMI
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