Vena Li was a gymnast that has competed in world championship in Eastern Europe and Asia in her younger days. She later became a writer. Her well known stories written that have been made into movie scripts and TV productions include “Three Generations of Grand Dynasty”, “Princess of Wartime”. The most recent novel of “Flower grown on Gobi” is being made into a theatre production combine music, dance and vocal singing. In the production, Vena designed some of the costumes. Vena also dedicate her time in charity. She has worked with great enthusiasm to advocate support for the causes of human rights, children protection and women equality.

Her daughter Selena Du is a singer, TV host and beauty pageant winner. She studied singing since she was little, and had won numbers of awards at several international singing competition. She has been taught by well-known Italian operatic tenor Carlo Bergonzi, who commented on her voice as “the sound of nature.” Selena has been a TV host for NBA sport news program. Selena has appeared in a few movies, the most recent one is expected to be released in late 2017, a movie about the silk road through Asia. Selena Du has been trained in equestrian and fencing for years and was in Rio summer Olympic. Her great-grandfather was a military strategist during Khrushchev period. Selena has a master degree in Journalism and B.A. degree in International Relations.